In these challenging times we have created a safe and fun way to stay connected with one another.  We believe that human interaction is a vital part of life.  Our mission is to bring people together to meet, network, and most importantly receive vital information which will help you thrive and live your best life.  


1.  Free Membership! You will get an official membership card in the mail.

2.  Access to some of the best professionals in Southern California

3.  Resources to help you 

4.  "Golden Future In A Box" delivered to your doorstep

5.  Access to the Golden Future Club Online Community

6.  Expert Speakers presenting information on essential aging topics

7.  Monthly Buzz Newsletter

8.  Monthly Sweepstakes & Contests

9.  Meetups, Meet & Greets, and Networking Opportunities (once pandemic restrictions are loosened)


1.  Must be a resident of California

2.  Must be age 50 or above

*Important Note:

Your privacy is important to us.  We do not sell your information. 


Golden Future In A Box!

This is one of the most exciting aspects of the club!  You will receive the Golden Future In A Box directly to your mailbox FREE of charge!  This box will contain goodies, promotional items, samples, and a wealth of great information.  You will receive (1) box per household bi-monthly or quarterly.

Online Community!

In this period of isolation and social distancing, we invite you to join us online for meet & greets, networking and a way to stay connected.  This new online community is FREE of charge!  All you need to join is access to a computer or phone, internet, and a Facebook Page.


How do you connect?

1.  If you do not already have a Facebook account.  You can easily create one on  Here is a link which gives step by step instructions on how to create this FREE account:

2.  Like and follow our Facebook Page Golden Future 50+

3.  Join our Private Group The Golden Future Club 

If you have any challenges joining this community, simply shoot us an e-mail at and we will work with you to get connected.

Monthly Contests & Sweepstakes!

Our partners will be offering fantastic prizes every month.  As a member of the Golden Future Club, you will be eligible for all contests and sweepstakes.  All members will be notified in the Monthly News Buzz Newsletter and in the Online Community Hub.  Each contest will have specific rules and the winner will be announced and posted.

Monthly Buzz Newsletter!

The Monthly Golden Future Buzz Newsletter will be delivered to your inbox every month.  You can expect great articles, local events, food and entertainment ideas, and special discount offers!


The Golden Future Club Registration Form